Install webroot safe

Webroot software is one of the proven best Antivirus software. If you own a device or system and you are connecting it to the internet or another device, then you must have antivirus software. Viruses or any risky threats like Malware, Trojan, Spyware, Rootkit or online hacking or attack can steal your data and damage your system. And to save your system from such treats, install antivirus software known as webroot from and secure your system. You can also install webroot safe on your device such as the laptop, mobile, tablet, PC, etc.

webroot safe install

Features of Webroot:

  • Identity Theft Protection: Webroot protects your identity from theft. Your identity includes username, account number, password, and other personal information against spyware, malware, and other viruses.
  • Secure browsing with real-time anti-phishing.
  • Password and login protection: Webroot protects your personal data like password, username and credit card information to keep you safe online.
  • Mobile security: Webroot gives security for Android Phones, with secure web browsing.
  • Lightning Fast Scans: Webroot scans all the data very fast and takes up to 20 seconds.Webcam Protection: Webroot gives you webcam protection.
  • System Optimizer: It is the system maintenance tool that deletes past activities like browsing history, temporary files, and cookies to protect your privacy. It gives automatic backup and secure online storage.

The protective shield for your Windows PC – Webroot Antivirus

Protection against new viruses

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus diagnose how a file behaves and detects unknown and new malware.

Seamless security

Our internet security technology diagnoses whether vulnerabilities in your apps are being exploited – and closes the main entry point for malware.

Safe from blackmailers

Ransomware is on the rise. Webroot Antivirus protects you against blackmailers and ransom demands.

Extra safety for your Mac at a glance – Webroot Setup for Mac

Phishing protection

Safeguard your Mac against spyware attacks and protect your bank data and credit card details.

Regular virus signature updates

Enjoy complete protection all the time – against even the latest threats.

Network protection

Thanks to the detection of Windows viruses, ensure that your Mac does not turn into a gateway for other computers in the network.

webroot safe install

Frequently Asked Question

Is Webroot good antivirus software?

Antivirus software such as Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus frustrates malware in a couple of ways. … Because having the latest threat signatures does not protect against a brand new, zero-day threat, Webroot uses other ways to detect threats based on their behaviors or by comparison with known threat families.

Is Webroot safe?

Webroot AntiVirus does come with a firewall and a VPN. … Webroot AntiVirus is a good, secure program that easily recognizes and protects you from Mac malware. It has safe browser features that only work in Safari, which also makes Webroot’s less effective at identifying some Windows threats.

Which is better Webroot or McAfee?

McAfee is better than Webroot as it not only offers more security-related features and extra utilities in its security suites but also provides better malware protection with minimal impact on system performance. Also, McAfee is cheaper and more popular than Webroot.

So, In process next is steps to install webroot safe

Here are the steps

1.first of all, Open an internet browser in your computers like google chrome, internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Then type or

2.when you hit enter then your program will start download automatically, after that you will get two or three options like save, run and cancel,
then you just need to click on “run” or “save”.

3. Now download the webroot safe installer file to begin the installation, then just double click on the program to run it.

4. Now it will ask for your serial number, then click Next.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions during the webroot installer file

6. You will get a terms and Agreement, then click Agree and Install.

7. Meanwhile, Wait as the program installs, this may take a couple of minutes.

8. Now it will ask for your email address, then click on Next.

9. Fill out the Account Information of webroot security on your window, then click Next.

10. Check all the information’s that you provided, then click Next.